Job opportunities for international truck drivers

We specialise in temperature-controlled full-truckload freight, primarily in Western and Central Europe. We offer job opportunities under employment contracts. Foreign applicants are also welcome. We provide comprehensive visa support and help applicants to collect documents required for obtaining a work permit. To apply, please fill out the form below.

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All the companies of the Polfrost Group run year-round and summer internship programmes for students. They focus on supporting students in the practical application of knowledge acquired during their studies. We put a special emphasis on mentoring to help students develop their potential and choose a satisfying carrier path. If you are interested in internship, please apply by filling out the form below:

Operations and sales

One of the main competitive edges of our company is the exceptional team of its employees. We recognise the importance of development and motivation. Therefore, we make sure that employees feel supported and safe in their working environment. We recruit for positions in operations and sales. If you are interested, please apply by filling out the form below:


Polfrost works in cooperation with a number of reliable carriers under long-term agreements.

We expect our partners to fulfil the orders they have been assigned in a professional manner, since they act as representatives of the Polfrost company at each stage of the transportation process. Our partners’ drivers and trucks shape Polfrost’s brand identity in the eyes of our clients. In order to ensure reliable execution of orders, we hold regular trainings for carriers on operational requirements specified by our clients and on quality procedures.

Offer for carriers:

We offer permanent jobs to drivers of vehicles with refrigerated semi-trailers and canvas semi-trailers on routes between Poland and the EU and Poland and the CIS states.

General terms of long-term cooperation related to vehicle management:

  • Side curtain – for comprehensive management in a three-week (optimal) or two-week cycle.
  • The responsibility for establishing communication with the driver is on our side. Our forwarder must have access to the GPS device.
  • The preferred method of communication with the driver (text messages or voice calls) is established on an individual basis.
  • Destinations: IT, CZ, SK, DE, BENELUX, HU, ES, Austria; if necessary, regions of France nearby the BE or DE borders.
  • Cabotage deliveries within Germany.
  • Carrier’s Liability Insurance Policy for a minimum amount of EUR 200000.
  • Type of goods transported: neutral or ADR chemical products, windows, ceramic tiles, fans, pellets, steel structures, fresh and frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, home appliances.
  • Payment terms can be negotiated on an individual basis. Ask about possible discounts.
  • Invoices should be issued in accordance with the data contained in the transport order.
  • Rates are negotiated with carriers on an individual basis, depending on the vehicle’s runtime and destinations.

We offer refrigerated semi-trailers for hire.


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