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25 trees for the 25th anniversary!

May 17, 2021

In 2021, Polfrost Internationale Spedition celebrated its 25th anniversary.

On this special occasion, we have prepared events, parties and information to emphasize the many years of our company and its traditions. We decided to start with a simple but great initiative.

25 trees from 25-year-old Polfrost!

Thanks to the help of the forest inspectorate, we managed to organize tree planting campaigns. The trees around us provide oxygen, absorb pollutants, and reduce noise levels. Our company is well aware that the riches of our planet are not inexhaustible and we wanted to make this small gesture to show that we are not indifferent. Trees are a guarantee of ecological balance, continuity of life, and landscape diversity.

Polfrost is created by people who have united for a good cause, and together, we have done something worthy for the planet. Our employees have shown that they do not just cooperate in the purely professional sphere, but also outside of work. That they form a well-coordinated team, which – despite the bad weather and distance – is always up to the task and with an optimistic approach!

It is not only a pro-ecological campaign, but also a message that our company is just like the trees we have planted – it has deep roots and grows every year.

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