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Polfrost celebrates ten-year anniversary with party for clients in northern Poland.
Polfrost started out in business during 1996 with just five employees in a rented office in Warschau, Poland. After a very successful decade that brought many changes to the country, the company has truly burgeoned.
With 250 employees in Warschau, 16 offices elsewhere in Poland, and 14 international offices in nine countries, an annual turnover of over 25 million euros, and more than 500 customers in 30 countries, Polfrost is one of the major players in the East-West transport business with multimodal services (road, rail, sea, reloading, groupage loads, storage and custom services) provided in Europe and Asia. Clients in the frozen food sector include Freiberger, Jan Zandbergen, Lamb Weston, Pasfrost, Teeuwissen and more.
Polfrost celebrated its 10-year anniversary with customers last month in the picturesque Masura region in the north of Poland. Highlights of the event included games from the Middle Ages, a barbeque, music and a banquet highlighted with cabaret entertainment in combination with agreeable weather and an a nice environment.

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