Road Forwarding


Refrigerated transport is our main specialization. We offer transport of chilled or frozen goods in a controlled temperature. We provide transport services throughout Europe and parts of Asia. Our trucks arrive mainly to Germany, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, France, Spain, Greece, Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. We also operate on domestic market.

Refrigerated transport

The offer of transportation with temperature control is directed mainly at the manufacturers of fruits, vegetables, meat, bread, sweets, pharmaceutics and household (neutral) chemistry.

Our road transport services are provided on various types of semi-trailers, including:

a) refrigerated semi-trailers:

• Standard,

• Double stock,

• with hooks,

• with split compartment.

b) tilt trailers

Together with refrigerated trucks our company is providing tilt trucks able to move industrial loads (we are using curtain side semi trailers with loading capacity 24 tones).

For efficient customer service we run our operations from headquarter in Warsaw and from local branch offices.

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