Rail Forwarding


The logistic service of the railway transports offered by Polfrost encompasses the whole complexity of services and solutions prepared with special attention to the needs and expectations of the clients.

Boxcars and reefer wagons

Polfrost’s services are focused on transporting construction materials in boxcars and foodstuffs in reefer wagons (reefer sections).

Rail transport to the East

We provide transport services in almost all countries of Europe and Asia. By rail we mainly get to countries such as China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Belarus.

Direct agreements with Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian and Kazakh railways are our main advantage over competition. It helps us reduce costs and let us sell railway freights. The goods entrusted to us are subject to constant monitoring.

Our offer includes standard services as well as currently created and improved new logistic solutions, that make the organisation of the transport more effective and optimised.

Own terminals

Our advantage is the possession of the necessary infrastructure in the form of a network of handling terminals, located mainly at the Eastern borderline of Poland, branch offices on the territory of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Our experienced employees care for the quality and safety of the goods during the transport, and everyday the clients receive information about the place, where a railway car is located. Customers using the services of “Polfrost” are provided with complex logistic service, which strengthens their competitive position and allows concentration on their own activity.

As a completion of the whole packet of provided services, Polfrost offers:

- reloading of goods from normal-gauge cars to broad-gauge cars at handling terminals in Russia (Kaliningrad), Belarus (Brzesc) and Ukraine (Mostiska),

- imposition of customs duty on goods imported to Russia (Kaliningrad, Moscow) and Ukraine (Jagodzin, Izow, Mostyska),

- storage of goods in Moscow.

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