The cargo handling service accompanies all kinds of intermodal transport. We are able to handle cargo from/to normal gauge truck wagons and trucks to/from wide gauge truck wagons and trucks. A complex infrastructure and experienced team of workers are ready and able to handle any dry and frozen storage products.

Terminals with loading and unloading facilities are located along the eastern border of Poland as well as on Ukrainian and Russian sides.

It gives us an opportunity:

- to deliver goods and load onto wide gauge wagons,

- to admit wide gauge wagons and reload goods directly onto normal gauge wagons,

- loading from store onto normal and wide gauge wagons,

- to load and unload goods delivered by trucks,

- to offer customs clearance,

- to reload containers,

- to offer other services upon request.

Terminal in Braniewo

Offers comprehensive logistics solutions, such as operating an import of coal and biomass, fertilizers in bags or big-bags and construction materials. This process is accompanied by terminal services including customs clearing and forwarding, as well as various types of transloading, e.g. wagon – wagon, wagon – truck, truck – wagon, wagon – site – wagon or wagon – site – truck, wagon – warehouse – wagon, truck – warehouse – wagon. It has also implemented a specific type of transloading scheme, such as truck – wagon – truck and truck – site – truck, used for road transport from European Union countries to Russia.

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