Our warehouses are located in the areas equipped with a side track for wide- and normal-gauge wagons and a ramp for trucks. It enables to organize handling, co-packing, completing orders and distribution. All kinds of industrial goods can be stored on pallets, in bags, big bags or bulk. Licensed security agencies ensure safety of goods stored.

Storage in Russia

The Moscow storehouses are a distribution base for all goods transported by rail.

Moscow company Polfrost Logistik has two stores in small distance from Moscow:

Storehouse Odincovo

storage area is 4000 m2. It is located 11 km from Moscow Ring on the route Moscow – Minsk.

Storehouse Noginsk

5000 m2 indoor storage area and 1200 m2 of outdoor storage area. It is located 35 km from Moscow Ring on the route Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod.

Both storehouses have:

- storage area for dry products,

- sidetrack,

- easy access for trucks due to its location near domestic routes,

- necessary infrastructure to provide services for various types of goods and means of transport (wagons and trucks).

Storage in Poland

Terminal in Goluchow

industrial commodities

Terminal in Braniewo:

Polfrost Terminal in Braniewo has a total of approximately 20,000 m2 of paved storage area, including:

- 19.000 m2 of roofless storage sites for coal and other industrial goods (bulk and palletized),

- 1.000 m2 roofing warehouse for palletized and not palletized industrial goods, including a bonded warehouse of 300 m2,

offering storage area for bulk commodities (coal, biomass, etc.). They also have a bonded warehouse of 300 m2 for temporary storage.
Braniewo offers also packaging of fertilizers and sorting and bagging of coal.

Terminal in Wola Baranowska:

bulk (biomass) and industrial commodities

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